50 amazingly fun things to do with your dog.

50 Things you can do with your dog

Treasure every moment with your special pooch and do some fun things with them to keep life interesting. Doing activities together will help to strengthen your bond, not to mention add sparkle and interest to their lives. Create memories you’ll always treasure; these fun activities will be sure to get your four-legged friend’s tail wagging. Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride together.

  1. Take a road trip and visit a new place together
  2. Throw your dog a pawty with all their closest pals. For the ultimate cute patrol, make them dress up in funny costumes
  3. Take a break from technology, get off-grid and stay in a dog-friendly Tiny House
  4. Make healthy homemade treats for your dog

5. Plan an overnight camping trip. If glamping is more your style, check out these luxurious pet friendly stays
6. Head to a dog-friendly beach like Greenhills and enjoy an early morning walk or leisurely sunset stroll looking out to the ocean (dogs are allowed on the beach before 10am and after 4pm)
7. Have a doggy playdate with a friend’s dog

8. There are a small handful of National parks and reserves with dog walking areas. Discover nature together on a scenic hike at one of these regional parks
9. Pack a hamper full of delicious goodies, bring a blanket and have a picnic together at the park
10. Chill out at home, put on some jazz and enjoy each other’s company
11. Watch a movie together at an outdoor cinema at Centennial Park
12. Practice your coordination with a game of frisbee

13. Take your dog on a boat ride and don’t forget to bring a doggie life jacket
14. Hold your dog while you dance
15. Watch the sun come up at the top of Mark’s Park in Bondi
16. Teach your dog a new trick
17. Stop off at Manly Lagoon Park for a doggy dip in the water
18. Go bike riding and give your dog a workout (or have him relax in a basket)
19. Visit Sydney park – they are allowed in the spacious parks and open spaces with the exception of the children playgrounds
20. Explore a dog friendly hideaway like Sirius Cove reserve in Mosman
21. Socialize and meet new friends at Hawthorne Canal Reserve
22. Head down to Leichardt’s Café Bones to share a cappuccino and a puppacino with your furry friend
23. Take your dog paddle boarding

24. Treat your dog with a gourmet meal
25. Have a steak dinner together
26. Take a trip to the spa and get a
27. Go shopping together at a dog-friendly store
28. Get a dog calendar made with all your dog’s photos
29. Take an obedience class
30. Do doga (dog yoga) yes, it exists
31. Go on a scenic wilderness hike

32. Test your dog’s intelligence with a Pooch IQ kit
33. Create a social media fan page for your furry friend
34. Take a splash in the rain with an
35. Get squeaky clean and have a bubble bath

36. Enjoy the sunshine at the dog-friendly Marrickville local, The Vic on the Park
37. Enjoy a Sunday roast together at The London hotel
38. Enjoy some pub grub at The Henson
39. Bake your dog a dog-friendly cake

Practice balancing treats on your pet’s nose

41. Enjoy million-dollar views at the Observatory Hill Park (it’s off-leash for dogs too)
42. Take a sunshine walk along Beare Park, a small but lovely enclosed playground
43. Have a good ol’ Aussie BBQ with your crew (and their pups of course)
44. Get your heart and legs pumping by running through the Centennial Parklands
45. Have a photoshoot and make your dog a superstar

46. Draw or paint a portrait of your dog
47. Get sandy at the dog friendly beach, Rosebay Foreshore
48. Kayak with your dog, make sure they’re wearing a safety vest
49. Take a scenic hike through the heritage Narrabeen Lagoon trail (8.4km) and appreciate the fresh air and beautiful scenery
50. Take your dog to a dog-friendly farmer’s market

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