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Pet Insurance Claims

Pet Insurance Policy Support Centre.

Whether this is Your first time making a pet insurance claim, or You are looking to make the most out of Your Policy for extra peace of mind, below are some tools and Policy resources to get You started.

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What do I need to
make a claim?

When we’re assessing a claim, You will be asked to submit information relevant to making a decision. Some items are always required, like the Vet’s invoice. The Vet’s consultation notes are also usually required and depending on the circumstances and complexities, additional information may be required.

To assess a claim, the following documentation are usually required:

Itemised invoice

(A paid invoice, unless we’ve agreed to pay the Vet directly, that includes individual treatment items and costs adding up to the total amount paid)

Vet consultation notes

(These are the Veterinarian’s medical notes from examination findings and treatment)

If it is Your first claim

Complete medical history from all Vets previously visited (If You adopted Your pet at a later age, We will need documentation showing the date You took ownership).

We understand You will usually have the itemised paid invoice and names of Vets visited. You can proceed to submit a claim and we will obtain Your Pet’s medical history(s) and/or consultations notes from Vets on Your behalf. See below for how to submit Your claim digitally via Your online Pet portal or through the other methods available.

Helpful tip:

If You would like a Pre-existing Conditions assessment prior to first claim we can assist with obtaining Your Pet’s medical history(s). We can contact the Vets on Your behalf to save You from having to collect it Yourself.

If You would like us to organise this for You, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your Full Name (if the Vets may have a different name recorded, like another family member’s name, their name too.)
  • Your Policy Number
  • Your Pet’s Name
  • The list of Vet clinics and/or hospitals Your pet has been to, including the name of the practice and the postcode (all clinics even if Your Pet has only made one visit for a vaccination)
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Important information

Please note: The inclusions under Your Policy and the process for submitting Your claim will vary, depending on Your Policy number and when You purchased Your pet insurance Policy.

If Your Policy was purchased on or after 16th December 2021
  • If Your Policy starts with PPP, then Your Policy is with Petsy Pet Insurance.
  • The Policy is underwritten by the Australian Branch of Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (ABN 54 163 304 907)
If Your Policy was purchased before 16th December 2021
  • If Your Policy number starts with PC, Your Policy is with Petsy together with
  • Your Policy is underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd (ABN 78 090 584 473, AFS Licence No. 241436)

Cover for vaccine
preventable diseases

For Policy numbers starting with PPP

Lodging Your claim is quick and easy and Your Vet can do it for You.

Here’s an overview of the claim process.

Vet claim lodgement

Ask Your Vet to email a copy of the invoice and clinical notes to [email protected]

Paperless Claim Lodgement

  1. Log into your Petsy Portal from any device
  2. Select the Pet’s policy if you have more than one
  3. Select “New Claim”
  4. Upload or take a photo of your paid invoice and answer the questions
  5. Click submit and you’re done!

For more information, please visit our Claims Process

For assistance with claims for Policy numbers starting with PPP, please contact:

[email protected]
1300 952 790
8:00am – 8:00pm AEST Monday to Saturday

For Policy numbers starting with PC

There are 3 different ways You can submit a claim:

  1. Submit and track Your claim digitally via Your Pet Portal
  2. Ask Your Vet to submit the claim for You as an e-Claim by emailing a copy of the treatment invoice and Vet consultation notes to [email protected]

    The eClaims service allows participating Vets to submit a pet insurance claim on Your behalf after Your Pet’s appointment. In their systems, We appear under – Petsy. Simply ask Your Vet if they can process an e-Claim for You and provide them with Your Policy number.

  3. Fill in a claim form and post it by mail to: – Claims Department, Locked Bag 9021, Castle Hill, NSW 1765


For assistance with claims for Policy numbers starting with PC, please contact: Claims Department
1300 855 663
[email protected]

Top Tips on being “claim-ready”

To make Your claim experience go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to have access to Your Pet’s Veterinary history, Vet consultation notes and itemised invoice and records. The claims team will need to see a complete picture of Your Pet’s history in order to assess Your claim.

Once the claims team has the documentation they need, most claims are assessed within 5-10 business days. Claims can be submitted online via Your Pet Portal and You also have the option to have a claim submitted by the Vet on Your behalf.

Tip 1:

Read Your Policy documents

Your Policy documents are sent to You by email and can also be accessed anytime through Your Pet Portal. Check that all Your personal details and Pet’s details are correct. You also should make sure You understand Your level of cover and any Exclusion Periods and exclusions that may apply. Included in Your welcome email is a Product Disclosure Statement – this will give You information about what is and isn’t covered.

Pet Insurance Pre existing conditions

Tip 2:

Understand claim requirements

As a minimum We will need an itemised invoice for each claim, and usually for the first claim We will need Vet consultation notes for the life of Your Pet. If You don’t provide these at the time of claim, We may need to contact You or Your Vet and this may result in a delay in claim processing.

Tip 3:

Keep a record of the different Vets Your Pet visits

If a complete medical exam of Your Pet wasn’t done when You first purchased Your pet insurance Policy, it will be helpful to keep a list of all Vets that You consulted for Your Pet, so that if You need to submit a claim, We can quickly contact them for a complete medical history which will help avoid delays.
We can contact the Vets on Your behalf, to save You from having to collate the medical history(s) from the Vet clinics. If You would like us to organise this for You, please email [email protected] with Your request.

Optional Extra Benefits

During the application process You will be provided with the option to include Optional Extra Benefits that cover certain conditions and Treatments which are not otherwise covered under the Policy.


The Optional Extra Benefits are:

Alternative Therapies, Behavioural Problems, and Dental Illness.


Examples of Alternative Therapies: Acupuncture, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy

Examples of Behavioural Problems: Excessive licking, fur pulling, pacing and destructive


Examples of Dental Illnesses: Dental diseases, gingivitis, periodontal disease.